The Self-Inflicted 30 Day Film Festival

About the Late Train Productions

The next Self-Inflicted 30 Day Film Festival will take place in February 2006. Groups interested in participating should review rules in the below FAQ. Festival admission will include: free compression software, free mini-DV tapes, content hosting on this site, scheduled showings, and guaranteed exposure to thousands of viewers. Groups wishing to be considered for inclusion should fill out the submission form and send a sample or link to a sample of their work.

If accepted, you will be expected to film and post an original movie a day for thirty straight days beginning in early February. The best movies will be featured prominently on our front page. And the Late Train may visit you to chronicle some of your struggle in a documentary.

Frequently Asked Questions / Rules

Let's say I want to contribute: What are the rules?
If you want to contribute to the 30 Day Film Festival, there are a few simple rules that we request our participants follow.

  1. Create and post one movie a day for 30 days. By midnight every night, you should have completed and posted one movie. You can work on the movies days ahead of time (i.e. finish five movies on one Saturday), as long as the content is created during your 30 day stretch. For more see the next rule...

  2. All of the content is created during the 30 days. Clearly it defeats the purpose if you shoot everything months ahead of time and then post it once the festival starts. Not only would this be disingenuous, it would also be lame.

    For more on this see the content rules below.

  3. Mini-DV copy. We need a copy of your entire film festival mailed to The Late Train upon completion. This allows us to prepare your movies for showings and DVD releases.

What's to keep me from cheating?
Nothing, other than we will publicly ridicule anyone who is obviously cheating. We can't and won't stop you if you cheat. As my momma always said, "If you cheat, you're only cheating yourself."

What happens if I don't complete the festival?
Your incomplete festival remains posted in all of its fractionally realized glory. Forever it will fill its own quirky half-assed space on the 30 Day Film Festival landscape, just like Crazy Horse Monument wastes a perfectly good fifth of a mountain in South Dakota.

How many people are allowed in a group?
As many as you damn well want. But let me be frank with you for a moment: If thirty people are in a group and everyone is supposed to make one movie, someone is going to have to organize the thing. And that someone better have a backup plan in case one of the thirty people comes up with nothing. We suggest a small group (3 to 6). We don't suggest you do it alone.

Is there an admission fee?
Yes. The admission fee is $30. This is payable upon acceptance into the festival. This pays for your two provided tapes, hosting, compression software, and publicity.

What are the rules for content?

  1. You can write movies before the festival. What we enjoyed about the festival was coming up with ideas as the festival continued. But there is nothing to prevent you from scripting and storyboarding your movies ahead of time. Granted if you plan to shoot outside on every day and it rains the first two weeks, you're going to climb shit mountain real quick and find yourselves in that area where the air is thin but the smell never fades...

  2. The movies have to be at least 30 seconds long. Anything shorter than 30 seconds is just too damn short for the long attention span of the average fan of 21st-century media. The movies can be as long as you want them.

  3. All of the content has to be original. Public domain photos, stock footage, and music are acceptable as long as they don't constitute as the majority of the content.

  4. No Porn. You know what porn is; you are, after all, filmmakers. So don't start to challenge us on this. If you post porn, your movie will be removed from the site. This isn't because we are necessarily against porn; this is because we don't want the entire site to be removed from our web service provider.

Do you have any helpful advice for filmmakers attempting this sort of thing?
Make a print everyday. Quit your day jobs. Form a job of at least four people. Use only authorized Late Train software.

How will I compress/upload my movie?
Full information will be sent to you upon acceptance. However, a simple text-based upload will be available, which will allow you to adjust your move title, description, and page design. The compression software will make your movies look their best, as well as standard the content for us.

What format does my movie have to be in?
Full information will be included with the compression software. All movies, however, will be presented as QuickTime movies.

Is this a competition? Is this a Film Festival?
These go together. First of all, this isn't a competition, because there is nothing to win. The 30 Day Film Festival is Self-Inflicted. This means that you do it to yourself. There is nothing forcing you to do it. Everyone will gain exposure depending on the quality of the movies. We believe that the better your movies, the more popular they will be. An honest effort to do your best will benefit you more than any competitive drive. This isn't currently a film festival. But if we get enough participants we will schedule showings of the films in your area and Austin, Texas. So it could be - sometime in future - depending on how many people want to participate.

What do we own vs. what do you own?
This will be covered more thoroughly upon acceptance into the festival. To sum it up without getting all the legal mumbo-jumbo all jumbled up in this mess: You will retain all the rights to your own work, but we will retain the rights to your work only when presented as the 30 Day Film Festival. This means that you will be allowed to do whatever you want with your individual movies, but we will be able to show your movies as the 30 Day Film Festival.